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Aged inventory not selling well?

We partner with product liquidators who may be interested in purchasing your excess inventory and make you a cash offer based on the amount of sellable units that are available. We can purchase and ship products directly from fulfillment centers, 3PL warehouses or residential addresses.

How It Works ?

Contact us with the product specifications and share a link of your listing, photos, or product description. After we receive this information we will decide if we would like to purchase and if so we will make you an offer based on your inventory. Once an agreement is made we will pay for the inventory and cover the shipping costs directly from the destination to our warehouse.

Note: We can cover shipping costs from 3PL warehouses and residential addresses. Shipping inventory from fulfillment centers will need to be covered by the seller account, product offers will reflect based on inventory location.

If you have excess or aged inventory not performing, contact us at for questions or concerns.

Submit Inventory

Let us know about the surplus inventory you want to liquidate.

Get Paid

You get paid for your stock and we take it from there (50% upfront - balance once goods are received).




Accept Offer

We review the details and make you an offer to purchase your overstock merchandise.

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